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Division Ambala
District Kurukshetra
Creation of Tehsil Pehowa 1979
Creation of Sub-division Pehowa 1st November 1989
Assembly Constituency 14-Pehowa
Parliament Constituency 02-Kurukshetra
Adjoining Sub-Divisions Thanesar, Gulha, Kaithal, Samana (Punjab)
No. of Municipal Committees 1 : (Pehowa)
No. of Market Committees 2 : (Pehowa, Ismailabad)
Origion of Name Pehowa Named after the Famous King "Prithu"
Famous for Religious Importance
Fair & Festivals Chaitra Chaudas
Distance from Kurukshetra-27 Kms., Kaithal-22 Kms., Ambala-51 Kms.
STD Code 01741
Literacy Rate 69%
CHC 1 : Pehowa
PHC 3 : Pehowa, Sainasaidan, Thaskamiranji

Famous Religious Places

अरुणाय तार्थ

प्राची तीर्थ, पेहवा

सरस्वती तसरस्वती तीर्थ पेहवा

ब्रह्मयोनि तीर्थ

पृथूदक तीर्थ, पेहवा
Gurudwara Baoli Sahib
Pehowa - Gurdwara Baoli Sahib
Gurudwara Sheesh Mahal
Shri Sheesh Mahal Sahib
Teh | Sub-Tehsil No. of Villages Patwar Circles Kanungo Circles Total Area
Total Cultivable Area
Forest Area
Non-Cultivable Area (Including Forest)
Pehowa 81 29 2 46897 40393 1590 6504
Ismailabad 30 9 1 13572 12157 Nil 1415
Pehowa Sub-Division 111 38 3 60469 52550 1590 7919

Total Population (Census-2001) (Click For Latest / Village Wise Information)
S.No Total / Rural / Urban No of Households Persons Males Females
1. Rural 26,246 154,109 82,004 72,105
2. Urban 6,275 33,564 17,912 15,652
3. Total 32,521 187,673 99,916 87,757

Number of Govt. Schools as on 02-March-2012 (Click For Latest Information)
  Sr. Sec. School Sec. School  Middle School Total
Block Boys Girls Co-ed. Total Boys Girls Co-ed. Total Boys Girls Co-ed. Total  
8 1 0 9 22 0 0 22 29 4 0 33 64

Pehowa is named after the King Prithu who prayed for the salvation of his father's soul here. Legend has it that when the father of King Prithu was nearing his death. He wanted his son to fulfill his wish. He wanted to breathe his last near the river Saraswati. The obedient son arranged for the same, where his father departed the world of the mortals. Filled with remorse, Prithu sat staring at the river for many days at a stretch and made innumerable offerings to God and observed fast too.
The Lord Kartikay temple built at the site where Lord kartikay upon reaching back after going around the universe as per directions from Lord Shiva and Parvati removed his skin and left it with Maa Parvati. The temple has 2 rock blocks and an image of Lord Kartikay in marble flanked by 2 oil lamps. Shri Krishna made Yudhishtir light those two lamps for the 18,00,000 people who perished in mahabharat. Oil is offered to the stone blocks, the marble image and the lamps for relieving pain of Lord Kartikay and of the souls of ancestors.
There is one Saraswati temple here. It is believed that sage Vishwamitra attained the title of "Brahmarishi' here. Sri Pashupati Nath Mahadev Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is the major attraction of Pehowa. The temple has no 'linga' but a panch-mukhi (5 faced) idol of Lord Shiva has been installed, which is said to be only one of its kind in the State. Scores of pilgrims visit Pehowa to take a dip at the Saraswati Tank on the occasion of Chaitra Chaudas.
The most interesting thing to be observed at the place is the record of families kept here. One can find records of at least past 400 years and get the entire family tree.