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Saraswati Temple Pehowa Kurukshetra Haryana


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Saraswati Tirtha Pehowa
Location Pehowa, Haryana
Coordinates 29.990289,76.577711


                                  About It

This tirath is located 26 kilometres away from Kurukshetra in Pehowa town. This is one of the supreme pilgrimages dedicated to sarasvati the Vedic river. Accoriding to Mahabharata and Vaman Purana, Kurukshetra was located on the south of Saraswati. Presently, The tirath is noted for its association with Pind daan or offering made to the departed souls. Here lies a huge tank called Saraswati tirath where thousands of people come to offer ‘Shradha’ for their ancestral soul. Chautra Chaudas Mela is held on the banks of Saraswati Tirath each Year in the March - April on which occassion more than two lacs pilgrims visit the Tirtha for holy dip.



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