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Birla Mandir,Kurukshetra
Location Thanesar, Haryana
Coordinates 29.965494, 76.826899
Established in 1952
Established By Jugal Kishore Birla


                                  About It

This temple is a very beautiful and elegant example of the architecture work. Birla Mandir located in the road of the Pehowa as per the diagonally beyond the Yatri Niwas. This temple is around 2 kilometers far from the place of railway station, on the north direction of the Sarovar Brahma. This temple is a major factor which is increasing the grace of the Kurukshetra village. The entire Birla Gita Temple is constructed in the white marble because of which Kurukshetra is pulling the numbers of the people towards it. This temple was constructed in the year of 1952 by the late Jugal Birla. Within the premises of the temple, there is a dazzling chariot marble of a large size has been placed in the temple's garden area. If you will know all the Birla Mandir, they would not be surprised by watching the pure marble temple with garden, because may be all the Birla Mandirs are carved in the elegant marble. The chariot marble is drawn with the 4 horses, which the warrior Arjunand Lord Krishna as been seated and more eighteen characters installed on almost all the sides. This marble carved scenery is places in the garden area of the Birla temple. In the garden area, you will also get to see the Gaj Ghanta which is also made in the pure white marble, which attracts many tourists.

There is very interesting fairy story related this temple, that on the field where the Historical Mahabharta was happened, on that place, the Titu bird kept her eggs and she was very worried regarding the security of her children. That time she heard the elephant's movements. She was really got scared and she started praying god to save her children. While walking the bell of the elephant fell on the nest and it secured the nest from the Mahabharta war, which was held for eighteen days. this temples has portraits of many god despite the Lord Krishna's idol, such as Guru Gobind, Ved Vyas, Guru Nanak, Tulsi Das, Guru Teg Bahadur and Sant Ravi, the portrays also has the sayings of these great legends. Because this temple is dedicated to the Lord Krishna, the festival of Krishna Janmashtami celebrated here in large scale.



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