Gulzarilal Nanda
ਗੁਲਜਾਰੀ  ਨੰਦਾ
Prime Minister of India
Personal details
Born 4 July 1898(1898-07-04)
Sialkot, British India
Died 15 January 1998(1998-01-15) (aged 99)
New Delhi, India
Political party Indian National Congress
Alma mater Allahabad University
Profession Academican
Religion Swaminarayan Hinduism

Shri Gulzari Lalji Nanda Smark


Shri Gulzari Lalji Nanda Association with Kurukshetra  
Shri Gulzari Lal Nanda jee visited Kurukshetra in the year 1967. The occasion was an important religious day of Somwati Amavas, during which devout Hindus take a dip in the Brahmsarovar (tank) in the holy city of Kurukshetra.Shri Nanda jee went to the Sarovar. There was little water in the lake. Therefore, he smeared his body with slush from the holy spot and returmed. He began to ask himself how was it that a well-known religious place of pilgrimage like Kurukshetra could be allowed to fall a prey to neglect? He decided that he would do something about it. Stepped in religious sentiments he spoke about the matter to Haryana's Chief Minister, Sh. Bansi Lal, an old-time friend and of his decision to take things in hand to restore Kurukshetra to its due place. The Chief Minister Sh. Bansi Lal was impressed with the decision. In August 1968. the Kurukshetra Development Board was set up under the Chairmanship of Shri Gulzari Lal Nanda. Shri Nanda jee remained the chairman of the Board upto 26th June, 1990. Shri Nanda jee had seen to it that pilgrims visiting Kurukshetra were provided with better bathing facilities,Civic amenities and accommodation.The beautification and development of places of worship were taken in hand in a big way as also their round the year maintenance.

The renovation of the Brahmsarovar, the tank where lakhs of pilgrims go for a dip at the time of the solar eclipse and several other occasions, was his most spectacular achievem ment. On any occasion more than Two lakhs visitors can take holy bath simultaneously in the sarovar. , . The Jyolisar has been given a marble covering in the midst of which stands an ancient tree, the sole remaining witness of a great event. It was Shri Nanda Jee desire to see a sizeable museum dedicated to the life of Lord Krishna come up in Kurukshetra. . He wanted the Museum to present all the diverse aspects that have venerated Kurukshetra to be known as Dharmakshetra”. It was decided to enlarge the concept of the Sr Krishna Museum to display finds from local excavations besides other collections. Kurukshetra becameShri Nanda jee second home after he completed his work in Delhi. It became the headquarter of the Manav Dharam Mission. It is here that he set up several Ayurvedic institutions — a pharmacy which experimented with the production of new drugs, including one for cancer. An Ayurvedic college and hospital started by him has now been taken over and is being run by the Haryana govemnment.

Shri Gulzarilal Nanda Jee brathed his last on 15th January 1988.A beautiful memorial has been constructed by the Haryana State as a mark of respect to him for his contribution for the devlopment of Kurukshetra.