Kurukshetra lies 260 m above the sea level. The city experiences an extreme continental climate due to the fact that it is far away from the sea. Weather in Kurukshetra varies with the five seasons- Summers, Monsoon, Autumns, Winter and Spring.

Summers are long and stretch from The monsoon rains start with the advent of July that last till August. The Weather Forecasts shows that the average temperature during the daytime of that period goes upto 22° C whereas the evenings become very pleasant and cool. Kurukshetra Weather is usually dry leaving out the monsoon that arrives at the end of June. Kurukshetra gets rain in winters also. The rain helps the farmers of the village to grow the Rabi crops. The rainfall in the city is sufficient.

Autumn knocks the door of the city after the rains. The season remains till November.

The extreme continental climate makes the winters cold when the temperature goes upto 4° C. The cold wave blows from the nearby Himalayas making the winters chilly.

Kurukshetra Weather during the spring is quite enjoyable when the temperature varies between 25° C to 10° C from mid February till the end of March.

The hottest months are May and June and the coldest being December and January.

About 80% of the rainfall occurs in the monsoon season (July-September)