Zone: NR/Northern
Division: Delhi
Elevation: 260 m above sea level

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Station Name Kurukshetra Junction           
Station Code KKDE
Another Station Thanesar City                    
Lines Diversion 1. Karnal, Panipat, Sonipat, New Delhi Side.
2. Ambala Cantt., Chandigarh, Kalka Side,
3. Ambala Cantt., Ambala City, Khanna, Rampura, Patiala, Bhatinda Side.
4. Kaithal, Narwana, Jind
Important Trains

Kir Asr Express, Jhelum Express, Dli Ptk Exp, Shaheed Express, Jammu Mail, Jammu Mail, Paschim Express, Jammu Mail, Hwh Dli Klk Mai, Amritsar Expres. Choose your train according to your suitability like trains that run on daily basis like Asr Ned Express, Himachal Expres, Ndlsasr Express, Fka Dli Exp, Dli Fka Exp, Kalka Mail, Kir Asr Express, Himachal Exp, Jammu Mail, Ndls Janshtbdi etc or train that run sporadically like Shaheed Express, Shaheed Exp, Cdg Aii G Rath, Ptk Dli Exp, Saryu Yamuna Ex, Dli Ptk Exp, Aii Cdg G Rath, Saryuyamuna Exp and etc.

Total Platforms 3
Track Double electrified bg
Exit Points 1. Towards city, 2. Towards sec-13
Fair Price Shops Yes. Thela Type i.e. Mobile, mostly deals in Tea, Biscuits etc.
Dormitory Yes Click here for details...
Ticket Counter 1. Main Enterance (City Side) Timing: 24 hr.
2. Sector 13 Side  Timing: 6:00 AM To 14:00
3. Near Aggarwal Dharamshala
(Exit point of railway Station city side) Timing: 7:00 AM To 8:00 PM
Parking 1. City side (24 hrs)
2. Sec-13 side (24 hrs.)
GRP GRP Police Station
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Local Transportation Rickshaw, Auto-Rickshaw (Both side)
Thanesar old bus stand approx. 1.5 Km.
New Bus Stand, Kurukshetra, approx. 2.3 Km
Taxi stand opp. old bus stand (approx. 1.5 km)
Nearby Dharamshala: Aggarwal dharamshala (200 m)               More info
Hotels:Mezbaan (approx 1 Km) , Orbit, Kimaya.             More info
Restaurents: Sec-17 Market                                            More info
Market: Railway road, Sec-17 Post office: City side (approx 0.5 Km)
Police Station: Sec-13 side (approx 0.5 Km)
Police Post: City side (approx 0.5 Km)
Helpline Number A. Railway Enquiry 139
B. Security Issues  182
C. Cleanliness, food and catering 138
Complaint / Suggestions Genral Complaints
SMS web complaints
Through SMS: +91-9717630982
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