e – Learning Classes

The term e-learning stands for learning methods which are conducted by electronic media. The aim to initiate this project is to develop the self confidence of an academically weak student and make him believe in his inner strength and realize his potential. The acronym “Samarth” stands for “Smartness and strength analysis to motivate academically weak for rapid learning through highly efficient methods”. Before understanding how e-Samarth is any different, let us dwell deep into the prior existing learning ways and methods, which have been part of public schools but have been limited. Also these methods have not been able to achieve the expectations in the Govt. schools.


Upon visiting the government schools, there are few observations where we as a system are still struggling –

The teachers are far away from the technology and are restricted to books and syllabus due to lacking or the nonfunctional resources. E.g. explanation of the working heart is limited to diagrams on the blackboards; the concept of travelling of light is limited to drawing lines on a sheet of a paper, motivation was bounded to the words only.

Difference in the efficiency and caliber of students and teachers were found. After these observations, E-Samarth came into existence & application using the existing software developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC), Kurukshetra and already being used in the e – library, Kurukshetra. In this software, videos cover varieties of subjects from Basics of Mathematics, Science, Career Counseling/Study Plans and Interview Tips and so on. However, few challenges during initialization of e-Samarth were electricity backup, non functional computers and devices, internet connectivity, lights etc. Hence, the team of National Informatics Centre (NIC), Kurukshetra with the support of District Administration, Kurukshetra & Village Panchayats established Solar Power panels on the rooftops of the schools for electricity backup for computers, devices, lights etc. Computers & other devices were made functional with proper internet connectivity. Further, when the team of National Informatics Centre (NIC), Kurukshetra stepped forward and took an interactive session of the students and teachers, few positive observations were: an urge to learn, desire to improve the method of teaching, willingness to adopt the advanced technology etc. After explaining the basic module of e-Samarth like tricks, tech, awareness and eminence, the excitement among the students and teachers was revealed by their excellent reviews.